HAIR 101

We recently got emails and inquiries from our clients and readers asking for tips on what to do with their hair.

From dreadlocks, to braids to weaves… wondering what to do with their natural hair and how to style it.

We sat down with our professional hair stylists and came up with a list of tips and tricks for the ultimate hair hacks.

#1. Fake it till it’s beweavable

We aren’t all blessed with long thick hair, but thanks to modern day innovation and a bit loose change, all that can change. Our motto on this is to fake it until you make it, and with the different types of weaves on offer the possibilities are endless.

For extra volume, add weft extensions to give your hair more volume, bounce and body.


#2. Colour splurge

Ombre hair seems to be trending this season, and just may be here to stay, but there is another cool thing you can do with your hair, like dyeing it in streaks or just having it bold.

Here’s a bonus tip: do not colour your hair immediately after chemically treating it, wait at least two weeks or more.


#3. Wrap it up

Wrap a satin or silk scarf at night before going to bed to prevent moisture loss… this can also work during the day, put on a scarf or wear a hat and look chic on bad hair days.


#4. Shiny Braids

Keep your braids looking new by applying sheen spray for natural shine. It also works on natural hair. You could also add accessories to your braids to kick your style up a notch.


#5. Good diet equals healthy hair

A balanced diet can improve the health of your hair, by having adequate proportions of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and water in your diet will benefit your hair and overall well being.


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      With all this excitement about summer, let’s not forget to take care of ourselves. Starting with our feet.

Most of us get soo carried away on enjoying this season that we forget the basics, sure its hot and the only logical thing to do would be to wear light clothes and open shoes, but have we really thought about what impact this season might have on our feet?

Here are a few tips on keeping your feet happy this summer,


Most people do it all wrong, It is important use proper nail clippers. And when you are cutting them be sure to cut straight across, not too short, and not down at the corners as this can lead to ingrown nails. File them, if that’s easier. FYI besides the fact that your mouth wasn’t meant as a cutting tool, it is also unnatural to bend that way as well as unhygienic ` ,..well unless you are inventing a new yoga pose 😉


Go barefoot or wear open-toed sandals whenever you can in the hot weather, to help stop your feet getting sweaty and smelly


Don’t be tempted to wear flip-flops all through the summer as they don’t provide support for your feet and can give your arch and heel pain if you wear them for too long.


Hard, cracked skin around the heels is very common in summer, often caused by open-backed sandals and flip-flops rubbing around the edge of the heel. To remedy this use a foot file or pumice stone to gently rub away the hard skin, then apply a rich moisturizing cream such as ELEMIS TREAT YOUR FEET FOOT CREAM, which is rich in Shea butter and jojoba to soften the skin.


The best way to take care of your feet this summer is by letting a professional do it. Book yourself in to a nail salon and get your feet some much needed therapy, with most nail salons and spas offering a wide range of treatments, you are sure to give your feet that much needed care and pampering they deserve.


So there you go, that there is what you call happy feet 🙂



With summer looming in the horizon we ladies cant help but get exited about the new hair styles and just letting our hair down. With June – July weather coming to a close, its time to undo our braids and take off our weaves.(Yay)

Nothing quite like the feeling of undoing your braids and finally being able to scratch that itch, or simply just run your fingers through your own hair (amazing). Don’t even get me started on the imaginary sweet leap to freedom once that itchy weave comes out (oh how sweet thy sound)

So with freedom comes creativity, what does one do with their hair now you ask? simple… whatever you want. Color it, relax it, treat it, get a cut, whatever your heart desires, do it!

We talked to our hair stylists and here are a few ideas:


kevi kev an expert in cut, colour and styling for both Caucasian and Afro Hair

“Summer is the time to shine and be colorful, try putting in highlights, adding color and style your hair in playful styles.  Summer is the time to enjoy your hair”



10478214_1506731382878853_9109840508485208409_n   “Experienced hair stylist trained on Caucasian, Afro & Asian hair, also an expert barber”

“Different strokes for different people, some people are playful others are moderate in experimentation, its all up to your desired personal style. for the playful ones they could try out a bold & colorful hair dye. For those who are moderate can try a different hairstyle. nothing to drastic could even be getting a fringe.”



jos   “ Expert in weaving, braiding, dreadlocks and baby locks.

“As much as most people want to avoid braiding and let their hair breathe,most cant because either they have thin type of hair and wish they had fuller looking hair or just because they are uncomfortable with adding color to their hair or even cutting it. But there is a way that they could have their cake and eat it too, this is achieved by use of clip-on human hair extensions. They come in different colors and sizes, where by you simply clip them on to your hair and go, the greatest advantage being that they aren’t permanent you can un-clip them and get back your usual look, also you can get them in fun colors and make it seam like you have highlights, the possibilities are endless”


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Unlike other natural hair styles,maintaining dreadlocks is very different. They don’t need to be brushed nor  require regular trimming but need to be kept clean.

While other natural hair styles require combing to put stray hairs back in place, dreadlocks need to have stray hairs tucked back into the dread so they can dread up and lock with the rest of the hair. You’ll also notice that dreadlocks look better and better over time and as they continue to mature they become tighter and smoother and they require less maintenance. Your maintenance routine will vary depending on the age of your dreads and the method you used to start them.
Here are a few tips on how to care and maintain for your dreadlocks:

Locks tend to pick up lint and other fuzz’s, this is usually a big problem especially when you sleep, tying a scarf on your head will help keep lint and pillow feathers out of your hair.You could also opt for pillow cases and sheets that are lint free.
Whenever you wash your dreadlocks make sure you get them as dry as possible and avoid covering them in a way that they cannot dry, trust us, you really do not want to have your hair smelling like a dump towel.
When washing squeeze as much water as you can out of them, then proceed to drying with a dry towel or opt to blow dry them.



In order to ensure that your dreads are healthy and presentable, always try making regular visits the salon and consulting with your stylists. They are best placed to advice you and what maybe causing your locks to break, turn color and recommend on treatments and products that can be used to curb the problem.


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Foods are the building blocks that our bodies use to grow, develop, and repair, and by not eating well we are depriving our cells of the proper tools they need to function.

We picked the top 5 best foods to eat to ensure you have good looking skin and that keep you looking younger.

1. Tomatoes

They contain powerful antioxidant that eliminates skin-aging free radicals from ultraviolet exposure.


2. Watermelon

Its more than a just a juicy fruit, It contains vitamin A, C and is also an antioxidants which is vital for skin health. Also,due to Its high water content your body is hydrated and this results in radiant skin.

Water melon


They are said to be one of the best vegetables and are sure to make your skin look younger than before. These root vegetables are very rich in vitamins including A and E that are quintessential in the beatification of your skin.


4. Dark Chocolate

The flavanols in chocolate act as antioxidants, provide sun protection, and reduce the roughness of skin for healthier appearance and feel.


5. Apples

Apples contain quercetin, an antioxidant in the peel that protects against sun damage. They also contain high fibre content which helps to clean out the colon and promotes regular bowel movements, hence promoting clear pimple-free skin.



Hello there, yes you!! with the messy hair and no clue what to do with it. We have abit of inspiration for you.

Here are some photos that may help you decide on a style.

root tinting

If your roots are showing, perhaps you should have them tinted.


Or better yet get some highlights put in.


If you want to make a bold statement, try dyeing your hair, it can be permanent or temporary colour that fades off after washing your hair.


Weaves are all the range, it all depends on your taste and preference


Hows about a long time commitment? dreadlocks anyone?




Get creative with plaits and braids







If your hair is natural, as to mean you haven’t treated it yet you could try heat styling.

10299934_1557392591146065_7065150691494751304_n              z19119_1602605833291407_8450107742135420672_n

Here is one for the bride.


Something for the guys as well.

There is just no excuse to be looking like wolverine, and if you are still at a cross road on what to do with your hair visit us today at Revitalize Wellness Center or call us on 0721889777 / 0733889777


Remember when you made that new year resolution, no not the one on losing weight nor the one on finding ‘the one’, not those ones, i mean the one where you wanted to find happiness and seek adventure, that one remember?

Well good news for you, you are just about to check that off your list. What says; I’m happy and adventurous if not color!  This can be attained in a number of ways.

1.Dyeing your hair

Still on the resolutions, remember no.6 where you wanted to change your look? the bad news is this wont fix that pesky hairy mole on your left cheek but the good news is it will definitely draw attention away from features on your face you don’t like. But before you take that bold step you should first consult with a professional hairstylist who is best placed to answer any questions you may have, asses the state of your hair and advise on what color best suits your skin tone.

Depending on your imagination and how bold you maybe, a new hair color could just be that change you wanted.


2.  Wearing Make up

Before i go on let me state this, Only clowns are allowed to look like rainbows !! That said, Besides the intended idea of covering flows and highlighting your best facial features, make up also brightens up what would be refereed to as a dull appearance.

You could do basic makeup at home or hire the services of a professional make-up artist, though i would recommend you hold back on that until you really need professional services say like when you have a photo shoot or an important function. When doing the basic home make-up try being a bit experimental, match your eye-shadow to your outfit, wear a blush, and every girls cheat trick, apply a white eye liner to the inner corner of your lower lid, this makes your eyes look brighter and bigger, try it.


3. Nail Polish

Few know of the soul healing powers of well manicured nails coated in colorful polish. If you have ever needed an instant mood boost this is it, color has various effects on mood, for instance Reds tends to stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing same with the color Orange, Blues make you feel calm and relaxed, and for that feminine feeling Pink is the color.


Now dust of that resolutions list and check this one off, in fact use a bright highlighter to tick it off :). So, whats next on that list?


I grew up hearing the quote “you have a universe inside of you” but never really made sense of it.  Try fathoming a whole galaxy crammed up in your small cranium (yap, didn’t think so) but with time it started to make sense.

Ever been stuck in traffic and gotten late for a very important appointment? hows about your first heart break, do you remember the thoughts that moved you at the time? Mood and emotion play a key role in our lives, and depending with the paths we choose to follow we may often find our selves overtaken by events that is when we tend to feel like the whole world is coming down on us. We no longer have time for ourselves, time to do the things that make us happy things that relax us those that remind us of who we are, the simple things that connect you to your own self, your soul.

Psychologists warn that with the growing demands and pressures that come with the increased economic hardships faced in this modern day to day living may cause stress and mental exhaustion,this is more dangerous that a broken limb or a cut.

The mind is where everything happens, you plan your day, you store your memory, you come up with brilliant ideas etc, More like a computer actually, so when you overload it tends to shut down or experience what is called a meltdown leading to a state of helplessness and even seeking long term medical care.

So how can you stop this from happening?

1. Exercise

There are numerous benefits that come from taking up a good workout routine and exercising frequently. Any form of exercise, from aerobics to yoga, can act as a stress reliever, even better news is that you don’t need to take up athletic sports since just a 30 minutes walk on the treadmill or walking around the block or a slow walk in the park can have equally the same impact on your mental health.


2. Meditation classes & Yoga

They both go together, one being a combination of poses that imitation of the world around us and the other leading us to the path of finding our inner Chi and connecting with our selves. They say that the path to enlightenment is through the self, and the only way to catch up with the world is to slow down, rather confusing statements but each with a bit of truth in it.

Yoga combines numerous poses that trigger our minds and act as a channel through which we can emit negative energy and gain positive ones. While meditation teaches us to slow down and be in-tune with our selves, finding our center and at the same time without knowing it, reliving stress.


3. Massages

Having a massage is both therapeutic and healthy. Besides the intended relaxation, a massage poses various health benefits such as increasing circulation, improving mood as well as soothing anxiety and depression. To achieve that desired mellow state of mind try an Aromatherapy type massage.

So next time you feel like the world is moving too fast, slow it all down with a visit to the gym, a stroll in the park, enrolling in a Yoga or Meditation class or simply just booking a massage.


Reasons to wax instead of shaving

11070175_1602323416652982_5888887689065029988_n Shaving is a rather inefficient method of removing unwanted hair from the body. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you could end up shaving daily just to keep up with the growth. Fortunately, there is an alternative to shaving. Many people find waxing to be a better option for several reasons.

1. You don’t worry about cuts.

One major disadvantage of shaving is that you are working with a sharp blade and nicks are not uncommon. Cutting yourself is not desirable and can prove to be even more dangerous in certain areas such as the neck, groin area and even under arm as you run the risk of getting an infection, plus these cuts look rather unaesthetic. When you opt for waxing, you can forget about those painful cuts. We do admit it is a little bit painful, but  the slight irritation and redness will disappear the next day and you will enjoy your smooth and flawless legs for over 3 weeks! However, don’t wax any part of your body at home, as you can burn your skin.


2. Waxing lasts longer

Since wax pulls the hair from the root, it takes a bit longer for the hair to grow back, as compared to having to shave everyday just to keep growth down. Waxing assures you of at-least two weeks of bare skin, which is actually good for your skin since it gets irritated when you shave on a daily basis.


3. Hair grows back thinner

A huge advantage about waxing is that when the hair grows, it comes back thinner and the more you wax, with time you will have barely noticeable hair. though it is highly recommended that you let hair grow at least a quarter of an inch so that the wax can grab and pull the hair out


4. Leaves your skin smooth As is initially desired, the skin is left feeling smooth as this method of hair removal pulls out the hair from the roots, that plus most waxes come with moisturizers in them,thus helps soften the skin just before hair removal. While some people will always swear by shaving, waxing is a great method of hair removal. You can wax yourself at home, or make an appointment at our spa to have a professional do it for you. The end result is smooth, hairless skin for far longer than if you shaved the hair


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